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The following will take a few minutes to read, but we did elaborate for you, just to give you a lot of help in choosing the right corset and make you  healthier to shape a beautiful body!

1.What exactly is a corset?

Answer:Corset shapes beautiful curve,especially in breast enhancement,belly in, waist slimming, buttocks tight,showing the sex of women. Also called body shaper, tights, shapewear and so on, is a functional clothing.

2.Are the corsets really so powerful?


A: When you put on the corset, it will automatically make you stand upright,because of its function of sculpturing body shape. The beauties might as well try to imagine that when you  wear the high heels rather than flat shoes,you stand more upright.Corsets also have the similar effect, which makes you look not slouch , and the whole person looks natural.

B:When the summer coming, the body clothes are tightly attached to the body, which is the equivalent of wearing a warm clothing in it,and will help to sweat and lose weight. And, when the weather gets cold, even if you're wearing a short skirt, it's warm enough to keep you from catching cold.

C: Because it is tight, the stomach will become smaller after putting on, so it is not easy to eat a lot of things during the meal.When you eat less, you naturally will gradually achieve the effect of weight loss. So, corsets can help you lose weight, and it's a healthy way that is appropriate to go on a diet, not a hunger strike.

3.Is Waist Training Right For You?

Answer: Waist training is usually best for women who've had experience with wearing corsets in the past, but even if you've never worn a corset before, you can make it work. It's a good choice for women who want to change their waist and haven't had luck with other methods. It's a much more affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery, and is far safer.

Wearing a corset can also provide a number of other physical benefits, beyond waist reduction including:

(1)Lumbar support

(2)Posture correction and support

(3)Help provide protection to organs during activities such as singing

4.How To Measure For Your Corset

Proper sizing and fit is the key to safely using a waist training corset. Before ordering a corset, you'll need to measure several parts of your body and keep these measurements handy. If you are worried about the accuracy of the measurements, have a friend assist you.


Measure your natural waist - often the smallest part of your waist. This is the waist measurement you need to deduct from when choosing the right size for your needs and waist training goals.


You'll also want to measure your:



(3)Full Bust - if you plan on using an overbust corset


To measure your hips: Place the tape measure where most people think the waist is actually measured - right below your stomach, and at the top of your thighs.


To measure your underbust: Place the tape measure around the bottom of your bra at the top of your ribs. This measurement is not the same as your bra band size, so do not rely on your bra size for guidance here.


To measure your full bust: Place the tape measure around the largest part of your breasts - typically through the nipples, or across the middle.


When measuring any part of the body, pull the tape taut so there is no give, but not so tight it cuts into your skin.

Corsets vary in length, as well, You'll want one long enough to cover your torso. The longer your torso, the longer you need your corset to be. Shorter corsets can make every day tasks a bit easier, but if you're worried about having too much tummy bulge between the bottom of the corset and the top of your pants, opt for a longer corset.

5.Sizing Your Corset:

It's best to size your corset for four to seven inches smaller than your natural waist measurement, based on the amount you're trying to reduce your waist. So, if you want to reduce four inches from your waist, then you'd size your corset four inches smaller.


If you are a plus sized woman, with a natural waist of 38'' or more, you'll want to order a corset that's anywhere from seven to 10 inches smaller, because your body will have more weight to safely redistribute as your waist shrinks.


For women who want a corset more for back support, fashion, or costume purposes where waist cinching is not the primary goal, it's ideal to size about three to five inches smaller.


Another consideration in sizing is your body composition. If your waist has a lot of muscle around it, then you?re going to be more uncomfortable as you cinch your waist if you start out too small. Those with more fat can start smaller without as much discomfort.


If you are a first-time corset buyer, it?s best to purchase something larger, because you can always work your way down to a smaller corset.


It's important to get the sizing right, even if you don't like the idea of having to buy another corset later, for a number of reasons. The boning and panels are meant to lie in a certain place on your body. If not properly sized, the panels and boning will not be in the right location, and you won't get the right benefit from the corset. The better it fits you, the more comfortable it will be - and the more comfortable you are, the more likely you will wear it on a regular basis.

6.Proper Corset Fit

When you wear your corset, you may feel slight discomfort at first because you are compressed. This should never reach the point where you experience pain, or be so tight that you cannot breathe properly.


At first, you may need assistance while getting laced up into the corset and removing the corset. With more use and experience, it is possible to learn how to get yourself into and out of the corset unassisted.


A brand new corset will be stiff and won't have any give. It needs a breaking in period to learn your body and conform to it. When it is brand new, if you can close it completely, it's likely it will be too big within a couple of weeks. If you can close it completely and still have plenty of room, you probably need to go down at least a size, maybe two. If there is a large gap when laced as tight as you can get it, the corset is too small. Never try to force a corset closed.


It's the 'just right' fit when you can close the front busk with the back laces opened up. Lacing the corset to the point where it fits snuggly, you should have room for fingers at the top and bottom of the corset. You should also have a gap the size of the modesty panel.


6.Why you choose our corsets?


(1) Look gorgeous with the best girdles for women and get the silhouette you always dreamed of. 

(2) This butt lifter body shaper is unnoticeable under clothing.

(3) These girdles shapewear are good for everyday use and as a postpartum girdle after pregnancy . 

(4)It Can be used too as a liposuction compression garment in the recovery process as a post surgery girdle. It also fits perfect as bridal shapewear.

(5)The Black Women Sexy Lace Butt Lifter Panty is our new fashionable corset, you will feel good when you wear this corset, it has excellent effect to abdomen and will make you a good S figure. 

(6) This shaper is comfortable to wear because of its top material;

(7) The close-fitting design makes you look sexy and hot, it will help your partner to be excited;

(8) The fashionable style will make you look pretty when you wear it, it's really a good choice to buy; 


Color: Black


Size: M/L/XL/XXL(as chart)


Boning Full steel intimates 

Style:Sexy seamless

Category:Butt Lift

Package Included: 1 X Corset Panty


Warm Tip:

Softly hand wash

Please wear it under clothes


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